Monday, January 28, 2013

LEEF News!

Registration is OPEN for the LEEF mini-conference, to be held March 9, 2013 at Camp Bayou. You can go to our LEEF website and click on the conference announcement in the top middle of the page, and then register by going to the conference tab.  If you are going pay by credit card, you can go directly to  If you are paying by check or purchase order, you will need to do that through the LEEF website.

Yes, this is a much shorter conference than usual. There were many reasons for the decision to keep it short and sweet. One reason is the lower price, another a shorter time commitment. Let's get as many members to this event as possible so we can address our future at the annual meeting, held during the lunch period.

If anyone misses the overnight stay of previous conferences, be aware that tent camping will be allowed at Camp Bayou (Thanks to special permission from the County) for FREE for Friday night. A word of warning- the showers are a bit iffy. If one can get past that, Camp Bayou is a wonderful place to enjoy the outdoors in Florida. We can have a campfire and night hike if there is enough interest. Visit the FAQ page for more info.

Let's rally for this meeting! Go LEEF!

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