Sunday, July 17, 2011

Donna J. Heinrich Environmental Education Grant

The Gopher Tortoise Council’s Donna J. Heinrich
Environmental Education Grant
The deadline for applications is August 31st of each year.
The GTC environmental education grant was established to support educators and organizations committed to developing educational projects about the gopher tortoise and the fascinating world in which it lives. The grant also honors Donna June Heinrich, an environmental educator whose life was dedicated to conserving wildlife and their associated habitats.
Preference will be given to:
  • Projects that reach diverse and new audiences.
  • Projects that focus on the importance of the conservation of intact upland ecosystems.
  • Projects that encourage community involvement.
  • Projects that have matching funds.

GTC’s annual environmental education grant budget is $4,000 with a maximum award of $2,000 per project.. This can be awarded to one recipient, or several.
A project summary for “The Tortoise Burrow” newsletter and either a presentation or poster at the following year's GTC annual meeting will be required.
To Apply:
Please download and submit the provided form along with the following information below:
  • Cover Sheet
  • Detailed budget that includes expenses and any matching funds
  • A maximum two page summary that includes a description of:
  • The goals and objectives.
  • Details on the project.
  • How this project will educate about the importance of gopher tortoises and/or upland ecosystems
  • The target audience

Please contact Laura Wewerka for further information.

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