Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Online Workshop- Oceans

From COSEE-West Online Workshop Team:

COSEE-West Presents: Free 3-week online workshop
...Considering 95% of the ocean is UNSEEN by human eyes...
...This workshop helps shed some light on WATCHING THE OCEANS,
to expand our horizons and increase our knowledge about them.
Ocean Observing Systems: From Your Eyes to Satellites
Oct. 31-Nov. 18, 2011

Presentations include:
---"Coastal Ocean Observing Systems - An Eye on the Ocean"
by Dr. Burt Jones

---"Tracing Invisible Patterns: Water Quality and Harmful Algal Blooms"
by Dr. Rebecca Shipe and Dr. Anita Leinweber

---"How satellites have revolutionized our understanding of the Earth: From Benjamin Franklin to Aquarius"
by Dr. Jorge Vazquez

---Also, there will be 2 special live interactive sessions!
More details:

The professional development event is designed especially for educators, with resources for classroom teachers and informal educators. This online workshop is FREE and available 24-7. Log on anytime to see the lectures, investigate the resources, ask questions, and try out activities. Each week we will post a new presentation and resources, and you can join discussions throughout the workshop.

More information, registration, and log-in page:

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